Technological Portal ‘INNOVATION’

The portal ‘INNOVATION’ was created by a team of engineers and economists who, after many years of involvement with business (as business consultants, industrial engineers, researchers, etc), detected the lack of a technological portal to which business executives (managers, engineers, researchers, etc) could refer, in order to find specialised information about innovation and technology transfer.

This gap is attempted to be covered by the technological portal ‘INNOVATION’ (http://www.greekinnovation.eu). It is the only portal in Greece where such a great amount of information about innovation and technology transfer is gathered. Hundreds of people seeking for specialised information in matters of innovation visit the portal INNOVATION’ daily, 40% of which, comes from abroad (with the help of two Google translating tools, the entire content can be translated in 54 foreign languages).

Technological news coming mainly from Greece and Europe daily, such as Exhibitions, Meetings, Workshops, Conferences, Free Webinars, Summer Schools, B2B Meetings, Technology Offer, Technology Request, Partner Search, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Contests, European and National Funding Programmes, etc. Scientific articles and books that are offered by our readers are also presented and passed around free of charge. Finally, every visitor can read, in specialised sections, news from the e-government and technology news directly from greek and international portals and watch relevant videos from YouTube.

Up to now, the technological portal ‘INNOVATIONhas cooperated as a Media Partner with at least 32 International Scientific Conferences & International Trade Fairs that have been organized by 23 Bodies in 13 different Countries  (China, Bulgaria, Italy, Hellas, Poland, UK, Nigeria, Iraq, Czech Republic, Uganda, Israel, Cyprus, Spain) and in 3 different Continents (Europe, Africa, Asia) [http://www.greekinnovation.eu/p/blog-page_18.html]. 

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