EDA-Egmont PhD Prize

The European Defence Agency (EDA) in partnership with Egmont Institute has the pleasure of inviting the best and the brightest of European academic scholars to submit their candidacy for the EDA-Egmont PhD Prize in Defence, Security and Strategy.

If you have been awarded a PhD in the last academic year or beginning of current academic year (1 September 2012 to 1 December 2013) and feel your findings stand out in terms of quality, innovation and impact on future EU policy, then you are what we are looking for.

You need to be a citizen of an EDA Member State (all EU Member States except Denmark) or a state with an Administrative Arrangement with EDA (Switzerland, Norway). You will need to have been awarded the PhD by an academic institution, and you will need to be available to deliver an intervention at EDA’s Annual Conference scheduled for 27 March 2014 in Brussels.

Deadline for submissions is 16 December 2013.

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