Unsinkable-stable Undisturbed by Waves Floating Platform - UNFLOP

UNFLOP (Unsinkable-stable Undisturbed by Waves Floating Platform) is based on truss structures that comprise individually buoyant truss-members of various hydrodynamic shapes, which are interconnected through fixed or articulated jointing systems, either of which facilitate fast-easy assembly-disassembly of individual members without disturbing near-by members or the truss system.

UNFLOP is truly unsinkable because the majority of its truss members cannot be flooded and lose their buoyancy, as they are solid bodies made from composite materials with lower specific weight than water as needed, and in any case, a very large number of individually buoyant truss members must lose their buoyancy at the same time for it to be in danger of sinking, which is something extremely difficult to happen, either by chance or on purpose.

UNFLOP is truly stable-unaffected by wave motion because the waves slide-by the hydro-dynamically shaped truss members and the forces exerted by thrust or buoyancy change effects on individual or small groups of adjacent members are minor and fast and mostly cancel each-other-out over the total structure area, without influencing the overall system inertia. 

UNFLOP can find many applications in Commercial–Industrial-Military sectors as safe and stable “floating Real Estate”, a sub-structure for any kind of installations, like in Tourism, Shipping, Harboring-Breakwater, Air-Transport, Manufacturing, “Poly-Aquaculture”, Urban development-Housing, as “Marine Renewable Energy Sources Integrated Applications Platform”... (Patent pending).

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