Wing Wheel Turbines & Paddle Wheel Turbines: Wind-River-Wave-Current-Tidal Energy Converters-Generators

The Wing Wheel Turbine (WWT) for gasses & the Paddle Wheel Turbine (PWT) for liquids operate similar to how birds fly and fish swim. All the other existing turbine technologies utilize only one of the two components of fluid dynamics force, Drag or Lift, while the other acts mostly in opposition (most of the fluid molecules hit head-onto something that cannot move straight or easily sidewise) and this unexploited fluid kinetic energy through the Rotor Plane acts in very bad ways for the turbine.

The concept of WWT-PWT utilizes Both fluid dynamics force components Drag & Lift to convert kinetic energy of fluids to mechanical-rotational as Wings or Paddles-Frames (FR) turn-move up or down-stream, while also minimizing any parts of those forces opposing turbine rotation.

Each FR comprises individual Airfoils or Hydrofoils (S) and each S is free to rotate by a small angle on its own axis within preselected limits-points to change position from one terminal point to the other, utilizing the “apparent” fluid velocity it “experiences each moment”, to absorb highest possible energy from the fluid, exploiting alternatively Both components Drag & Lift, whichever way the fluid is moving and as many times it may happen in each turbine rotation, always creating rotational forces in the same direction, while inducing minimal energy losses-waste-disturbance-turbulence to the fluid flow. 

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