The European Winner of the World You Like Challenge

The European Commission announced the overall winner of its World You Like Challenge competition for the best solutions to climate change. The Portuguese project Sown Biodiverse Pastures was crowned winner for its innovative solution in reducing CO2 emissions, soil erosion and the risk of wild fires while increasing the productivity of pasturelands.

The Sown Biodiverse Pastures project involves over 1000 Portuguese farmers and provides them with seed mixtures adapted for specific soils which help increase the soil's resilience to environmental instabilities. The project, promoted by the Terraprima organisation, has led to improved soil fertility, water retention and erosion resistance as well as helped to increase the productivity of pastures across many parts of Portugal. 

The Challenge is part of the European Commission's pan-European public awareness campaign 'A world you like. With a climate you like', which promotes practical, innovative and cost-efficient solutions to climate change. 

Sown Biodiverse Pastures will receive a chance to record a professional video and support to promote the project across European media.

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